Inclusion through sport

The main purpose of PlayIn is to support Europe's youth. We work with European companies and organizations that promote social inclusion through the power of sport.

With the support of the EU we collect, and classify sports events intended to help young people to develop essential social and professional skills, which would benefit them in their professional career and personal development.

All events are free to participate in and would provide certification for attendance.

Participate to benefit

Develop new skills and apply them on the labor market

Sport constitutes a powerful meaning of self-discovery, self-accomplishment, it enables the acquisition of fundamental values of our society and social cohesion. Competences developed through sport have great value when it comes to professional inclusion.

Discover sports events in which you can commit

Don't be anxious about participating. All events are created to be not only useful but fun and accessible.

Take the first step to your professional betterment

On top of all, after your participation you'll get a certificate validating your efforts and contribution.

Educational guide for you, volunteers

will provide guidance on self-appreciation, recognition of skills and knowledge acquired during the volunteering experience

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Looking for socially responsible companies and organizations

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Our listing works on the principle "The more you do - the more you get" therefore all of your efforts towards social inclusion would be rewarded.

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Recruit directly through this platform. Use our project administration system to easily manage your events.

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Commitment to social inclusion would make your company stand out. Gathering attention to your social project would benefits all involved parties.

Our top organizers

These are the most socially-conscious companies and organizations that have the biggest contribution to our cause.

#1 0 attracted volunteers contributing since Nov 2020


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#2 0 attracted volunteers contributing since Nov 2020

H.C. Andersen Marathon

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#3 0 attracted volunteers contributing since Dec 2020

Odense Australsk Fodbold BGIF

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#4 0 attracted volunteers contributing since Jan 2021

Odense Boldklub

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#5 0 attracted volunteers contributing since Feb 2021

Team Odense Q

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PlayIn promotes projects and structures engaged in social and proffesional inclusion through sport.